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Tax Accountants – Corporate and Individuals

JEZFI Associates – The Mississauga Tax Accountants provide full cycle book-keeping and accounting services, including business registration, in-corporation, GST HST filing, payroll, WSIB, returns etc.

Personal Taxation
We prepare a full range of individual tax returns. This includes business, complicated returns of activities, rental properties, farming and other income. We complete basic tax planning and work to maximize your return. We electronically file your returns, speeding up your refund.
We can also assist you to complete a tax return for someone who has died.

Corporate Tax Returns
As part of our services in producing Wealth Creation statements for corporations we also prepare corporate tax returns. We have a depth of experience and access to some of the best tax specialists in BC. We can handle all of your corporations tax needs.

Payroll T4A, T4, T5 Slips etc

We produce annual employment (T4) and other income (T5) slips for our clients. We ensure that the returns made to government are accurate and we also look at basic tax planning issues. We provide this service as part of our payroll services, or for those clients who do their own payroll, but don’t want to handle producing the slips. We will also prepare Records of Employment (ROE) forms for departing staff.

Mississauga Tax AccountantsPAYROLL & HST
We provide service to calculate your GST and PST, and can prepare the returns for you.
If you have questions regarding GST or PST please call us.

Tax Planning
We can work with you, your business and your family to plan how to best to organize your finances to minimize taxes paid. This can include planning for retirement, business succession, sale of a business, or set up of a business.

We have an experienced group of professionals that can handle most tax planning issues and have a network of associates in law and accounting that we use with more difficult situations. We also can assist you with meeting your requirements for filing US tax returns, through working with other US tax specialists.

We can get you started. We will help you sort through the various legal and tax requirements specific to your circumstances, including proprietorship, partnership or corporation choices. Design and set up an appropriate bookkeeping system, either manual or computerized.

Consulting for business We will assist in loan application preparation, help you design processes to increase business efficiency, lend an ear to discuss problems and we can provide mediation services in some circumstances. helping in your CASH FLOW & PROJECTION statements to get financing a business loan.

» Cash flow tracked monthly
Annual budgets and “brainstorming” ideas
Line by line expense analysis for cost savings
Payment plans for creditors
Consolidation proposals to “start new”
Wealth Creation consulting on investment of profits and RRSPs to get you going